Type 2 Diabetes – Do Diabetic Diet Plans Work?

Do diabetic diet plans work when you have type 2 diabetes? The answer is definitely a big “Yes”. The key to managing your diabetes effectively is through a healthy nutritious well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Implementing a diabetes diet plan is essential as well as vital if you want to achieve optimum health.

The implementation of the diabetes diet plan is not easy, but it is not that difficult either, it just takes time and patience. Most of the time it just requires modification to your current recipes so that they are the healthier alternative. Once you have done that, it’s time to take notes about all the foods that you eat as well as the exercises you do.

Grab a notebook and start to record all the relevant information that you need for your diabetic diet plan. You will need the following information:

  • Date
  • The foods that are included in your meal (list breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all separately)
  • Make a note of what exercise you performed and how long it took
  • Record your blood sugar level readings before and after each meal
  • Record the type of food that has made your blood sugar rise rapidly (here you will need to change your meals one food item each time to eliminate the bad ones)

Gathering all this information is very important if you have type 2 diabetes, as it will allow you to manage your blood sugar levels effectively so that you can avoid the nasty complications that are associated with this terrible disease.

Always remember to check with your doctor about the exercises you wish to start, as some exercises can be quite harmful to you depending on the level of your disease. Some exercises can bring under lying conditions to the forefront.

When you are planning your diabetes diet plan make sure that you include all the family, this will make it a lot easier for you and the best part is that it is good for everyone. Being healthy requires some work and support, so please do not hesitate to talk to someone if you are having trouble with anything at all.

Start your diabetic diet plan off simple so that the job of putting it all together is not too overwhelming, then gradually add new recipes as you go, this will also make it easier for you to establish which foods are the culprits that are making your blood sugar levels rise.

Diabetic diet plans do work when you have type 2 diabetes and are very beneficial for the management of your diabetes so that you can maintain good health at all times.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Effect of Phenylalanine on Blood Sugar

Although Type 2 diabetes is typically controlled using a variety of medications, diet and exercise, this is still sometimes not enough for some individuals to lead a normal lifestyle. Following these types of strict mandates is often too challenging and overwhelming, leaving significant opportunity for failure. That’s why some Type 2 diabetics have turned to more natural treatments that do not offer side effects and are easier to manage. One of these is phenylalanine.

There are many supplements on the market that are as effective as phenylalanine, but have been given much more exposure. Even though this supplement has helped many Type 2 diabetics lower their blood sugar, there are still diabetics who remain largely unaware of its existence.

Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that has shown promising capabilities of helping to control blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics. Although it is not a complete formula for success, it offers many diabetics an alternative to using prescription medications. Having this additional choice is helpful for many who experience side effects while taking anti-diabetic drugs.

What is the overall purpose of phenylalanine? This amino acid is a building block, essential for the formation of protein. This amino acid is found in many common foods including, but not limited to fish, poultry and eggs.

There are three different types of phenylalanine. One type, L-phenylalanine, is naturally found in the body. The two others forms, D-phenylalanine and DL-phenylalanine, have to be synthetically manufactured. DL-phenylalanine is the result of combining one-half of phenylalanine and one-half D-phenylalanine.

The preferred method for taking this supplement is to do so immediately before eating. This allows it to help manage blood sugar levels while you eat, and immediately afterwards, by stimulating an increased production of insulin.

But phenylalanine is not for everyone. Some individuals who try this supplement may be at risk of lowering their blood sugar levels too far. For this reason, anyone interested in giving it a try needs to be cleared by their doctor according to their medical history and the state of their Type 2 diabetes. Plus, you will need to be advised of a recommended dosage.

Although natural supplements have proven to be beneficial for many Type 2 diabetics, they are not for every diabetic. And they should never be taken in place of medications prescribed by a doctor. If you are interested in giving phenylalanine a try, you will want to talk to your doctor first. He can instruct you as to whether this supplement is right for you. It is also recommended diabetics not skip or stop their prescription drugs until they have consulted with their doctor.

A Perfect Read for Type 2 Diabetics and Their Families

Daryl Wein, a physician assistant, writes with personal insight and medical authenticity on the subject of type 2 diabetes, in his book Type 2 Diabetes: the Owner’s Manual.

While I’m not a diabetic myself, I have a family member who is, and found this book very helpful. Wein starts the book off by redefining the word “diabetes” for those with type 2. A better word, he says, is “carbosis,” because the word simply means “Problem with carbohydrates.”

Unlike type 1 diabetes, where the body’s immune system turns against itself, “carbosis” is the person’s inability to handle carbohydrates. Wein gives a clear definition of the difference of the two, and then in turn another excellent description of how the body works (or doesn’t) with carbosis. A type 1 diabetic doesn’t produce enough insulin, but carbotics (or type 2 diabetics), Wein says, “produce plenty of insulin in most cases… The root of the problem is that our cells, primarily our muscle cells, have become resistant to our own insulin.” That helped me to really understand what is going on when we’re told we have type 2 diabetes.

At the end of each chapter and throughout, Wein repeats the sentence: The single most important thing to do to manage carbosis is to avoid eating carbohydrates.

Sounds easy, right?

While a low carbohydrate diet isn’t the most fun you could ever have, ignoring your symptoms can lead to severe medical problems and even death. In the book, Wein has a pencil drawing of “Blood Sugar Blanche,” which, while disturbing, brings home the stark picture of how you could wind up if you don’t take this disease seriously.

But he doesn’t leave you stranded. He tells you how to take care of yourself, how to say goodbye to daily finger pricks, lose weight, and he even lists pages of foods with their carb counts.

Although Wein recommends medication as the last resort in controlling your carbosis, he admits that sometimes it’s necessary. His chapter on medications gives a clear understanding on what he feels are the best medicines, along with side effects and benefits of each.

One of my favorite sections in this book was reading the personal stories of real patients. Although there is a lot of information packed into this book, it’s very short and easy to read.

This “Owner’s Manual” is an easy, step-by-step user’s guide for either the newly diagnosed or the person who has been living with type 2 diabetes for years. It would also be a helpful resource for medical professionals, and someone who knows a person with type 2 diabetes. I am thankful I read it, and now feel more knowledgeable to help my family member who is a type 2 diabetic. This book has even given me ideas of how to live and eat healthier myself.

Stopping Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

I have watched many heartbreaking stories on YouTube about children with deadly diseases that eventually take the life of these little children and the parents more times than not ask how come God took the life of my little child. I have been looking into this question and what I have found is very upsetting.

So far I have found that God has given man cures to many diseases the problem is that man is so greedy that man would rather keep the cure secret and make a lot of money from pharmaceuticals designed to keep them wealthy and at the same time watch while your loved ones slowly die. God says that man has a sinful nature and is naturally evil. I can’t think of anything more evil than this.

I keep hearing about all the advances in modern medicine today and about how we are much better off today than we were 50 years ago. I would agree with this statement as far as the advances in traumatic medicine is concerned but what happened to the rest of the industry?

The last disease that was cured to my knowledge was polio way back in in 1953. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but that was 65 years ago! What has the medical profession been doing for the last 65 years? It looks to me that today’s medical profession is more concerned with selling high priced drugs than curing anybody of anything.

Back in 2001 my wife was diagnosed with a fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and depression. For the last sixteen years the medical doctors have put my wife on about twelve different medications. The cost of these medications to the insurance company came to over $3,000 a month or $36,000 a year.

She would shoot up two different types of insulin a day plus take three different pills for her type two diabetes. She would take one pill a day for her hypothyroidism, three pills for her depression and another three pills for her high blood pressure.

It seemed like whenever we would go to the doctor we could add another pill to our family of drugs. After sixteen years of this I decided I would look into this myself because after all this time and money my wife wasn’t feeling any better than when we first went to the doctor sixteen years ago.

The next time my wife went to the doctor I went with her. I started from the beginning of my wife’s troubles and asked the doctor what had been done to get rid of her fatty liver. Her doctor told me that there’s nothing they could do for a fatty liver there was no magic pill. Since all her medical problems began with a fatty liver I figured this was a good place to start my investigation.

I have heard many people make fun of the internet but as long as you “consider the source” there are some very smart people teaching medicine for free. I listened to an hour and a half lecture by Robert H. Lustig MD, UCSF Professor in the division of endocrinology. The program I listened to was called “Sugar the Bitter Truth.” Towards the end of his lecture he mentioned that apple cider vinegar dissolves the fat from the liver.

We used one tablespoon of Braggs Organic apple cider vinegar in eight ounces of purified water once in the morning and once in the evening. I knew it would take some time to dissolve the fat from her liver because she has had this condition for over sixteen years. After about three months she started losing weight and felt more energetic.

My wife used the apple cider vinegar for a little over a year and went from 153 pounds to 118 pounds. We then went to her doctor and scheduled more blood tests. After talking with her doctor I asked him how her liver test scored and her doctor told us that she no longer had a fatty liver and her blood tests came back in the normal range.

With my wife’s liver now back to normal we started looking into ways to stop my wife’s type 2 diabetes. I was watching on YouTube a doctor named Dr. Jason Fung. Dr Fung graduated from the University of Toronto and he is currently practicing medicine at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles.

Dr. Fung has several programs on YouTube and I listened to as many as I could find. Dr Fung was saying that the current medical establishment is treating type 2 diabetes all wrong. He said that giving a diabetic insulin would be the same as giving an alcoholic alcohol to cure his alcoholism. He also said that the insulin prevents your body from burning fat so the more insulin you take the fatter you get. Dr Fung also says that diabetes is a dietetic problem that can be corrected with the proper diet.

On July 7 2018 my wife went on Dr Fung’s low carb, high fat diet. immediately she stopped injecting the two types of insulin she used daily and after about five weeks she stopped taking her diabetic pills. (Invokana, Januvia and Lisinopril).

When she first went on the low carb, high fat diet we would test her blood sugar levels three times a day. The rule of thumb we used was if her blood sugar tested around 150 we were satisfied with that. We noticed on this diet that her sugar levels gradually started coming down. When her sugar levels hit in the 130’s she would eliminate one of her pills. When her level consistently hit the 120’s she would then eliminate another pill.

It took a little over three months for my wife to be completely off all of her diabetic medicine. Dr Fung says that the longer you have had diabetes the longer it will take to be completely off the diabetes medicine. My wife was a diabetic for over sixteen years.

Because of the weight loss she no longer needs her three medications for high blood pressure. Her blood pressure is consistently around 110 over 70. Because she no longer takes insulin she no longer needs her medication for hypothyroidism. In conclusion, If you know anybody with type two diabetes have them go to YouTube and type in “Dr. Jason Fung” and follow his advice.

Also if you know anybody that’s over weight and can’t get the weight off let them know it’s probably due to a fatty liver. The food industry would have you believe that this is due to too much fat in your diet. Not true! The truth is being over weight is due to sugar in your diet.

Dr Fung says that your metabolism can either burn sugar as energy or it can burn fat for energy. That is why the high fat, low carb diet works. When you cut out the sugar from your diet your body will then start to burn the fat as fuel.

Dr Lustig of “sugar the bitter truth” explains it this way. When you eat food that contains sugar your liver stops processing the food and devotes all its resources to processing the sugar. Your liver then stops processing the food and turns the food into fat.

Sugar has also been proven to cause cancer. In 1968 there was a study done where the researchers put mice on a sucrose diet. Over half the mice developed cancer. That study then was quickly silenced. you can find this study by typing in the Google bar “does sugar cause cancer”.

I hope whoever needs this advice uses it and doesn’t give up because what I wrote works and is the truth.

The next medical problem we are working on is my wife’s depression, She is currently taking three medications for this. I’ll let you know how it works out.